Local author to release first book, 'The Chosen'
by Gary Hanner
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Before Fisher gets on her computer, she first likes to write it all down on paper.
Before Fisher gets on her computer, she first likes to write it all down on paper.
Tabitha Milam Fisher loves to write. So much that she is set to publish her first book, and its release is scheduled for May.
“We are in the editing phase of the book right now,” Fisher said. “After you finish the manuscript, it takes about 180 days for the editing and the choosing of the cover of the book.”
The name of the book is “The Chosen.”
“It is written under the pen name T.J. Milam,” Fisher said. “An author cannot write under two different genres in the same name. I wrote under the pen name because I also have four other manuscripts that I have wrote that are romance novels, and they will be published later on under my name, Tabitha Milam Fisher. They are fiction romance novels. I also write under a character on a role-play group on Facebook called BDB, and the characters are based on The Black Dagger Brotherhood series written by JD Ward.”
Fisher said the book “The Chosen” is a fantasy, a vampire book.
“I wrote the book for my son Jayce, and my nieces Lexie Robison and Caitlin Skelton,” Fisher said. “Jayce picked out the names of the characters in the book. He and Lexie sat with me and told me what kind of book they wanted. Lexie conferred with me about the plot of the book.”
Fisher said it took her about a year to write the book, which contains 32 chapters, and 40,000 words.
Fisher said her son and her nieces love the Twilight movies and she always takes them to see them.
“Our tradition every year is to go see the new Twilight movies on the night of their release at midnight,” Fisher said. “Lexie actually read the series with me.”
Fisher is well known at Odenville Middle School by many students where Jayce is a seventh-grader.
“They all call me Ta Ta,” Fisher said. “Since my name is Tabitha, that’s what my nieces called me when they were little because they could not say Tabitha.” And Ta Ta means aunt in Spanish. All of the students at OMS are sort of like my adopted kids.”
Fisher said it would be great if her book were one day a best seller.
“But I didn’t write it to become famous,” she said. “My dad, Tim Milam, is a huge Stephen King kind of guy. He got me reading his books when I was a teenager. He is my favorite author, and I read all his books. I knew as soon as I read his book “Delores Claiborne” that I wanted to write. I have a vivid imagination. When I read, I can actually put myself in that book, be that character, and travel outside myself. I can be in that world, and it carries my imagination. I don’t think any author could be a good author unless they love to read. Reading is my favorite thing to do. I do not even watch television.”
When asked if there would be a sequel to her first book, Fisher said, “Oh yes, without a doubt.”
“I have written the book as to where it ends, it does not close the book,” she said. “It leads into a whole other world.”
Publishing the book is Strategic Books & Publishing Rights Agency out of New York. 
Fisher signed the contract with them last April 1. She will go to New York to confer and choose the book cover. She likes this publishing company because she gets to maintain all copyrights.
“I just want to do what I love, and inspire my kids a little bit,” Fisher said.
Fisher also has a daughter, Grayce, 7, a second-grade student at Odenville Elementary School.
Fisher and her author’s assistant, Elisha Kendrick Tipton, are in the process of setting up book signings in local bookstores as well as nationwide. 
“My publishing company is partners with Barnes & Noble, and the book will also be available as an Ebook on amazon.com.” Fisher said. “I will be traveling all summer with my kids, Elisha and her daughter Kyndall Tipton, who is in my daughter’s class at OES. I will also be doing a lot of appearances in New Orleans, where we also have a home, because that is where my husband, Shane Fisher, works.”

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