Moody's Shane Traylor and wife adopt girl
by Gary Hanner
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Shane and Molly Traylor have a new addition to their family — 11-year-old Autumn Rayne Traylor. She was adopted Dec. 20, 2012.
Shane and Molly Traylor have a new addition to their family — 11-year-old Autumn Rayne Traylor. She was adopted Dec. 20, 2012.
It was a very special Christmas for Shane and Molly Traylor of Moody.
Their present did not come all wrapped up under a Christmas tree. Instead, she was a 10-year-old sweetie pie, looking for a home with a lot of love and comfort.
And that’s exactly what the little girl found.
On Dec. 20, 2012, the Traylors adopted Autumn at the St. Clair County Courthouse in Pell City. Three days later, the little girl who favors Mollie so much, turned 11 years old.
Autumn said she would always remember this birthday and this Christmas, because her life changed forever for the good.
The Traylor’s have been married eight years.
“After being married about two years, we thought we would try and have a baby,” Molly said. “We went through fertility and all the different things. We finally realized that was not the way it was going to be. So, we entertained the adoption route.”
It took two years, five months and 23 days for the adoption process to take place.
“We were on a waiting list forever,” Molly said. “We entertained certain avenues that were not the right choice for us, so we finally got a call out of the blue on July 16, 2012. The call was about a little 10-year-old girl who needed a mom and dad.”
Molly said she spoke with the social worker over the phone for a few minutes.
“I then talked to Shane, and it took us only seven minutes to decide Autumn was who we needed in our lives,” Molly said. “I cried because I knew she was going to be just perfect for us. And she is. It was a straight adoption. There was no fostering or anything like that. She moved in with us permanently on July 27, 2012.”
From there, a 90-day waiting period process took place (for the adoption).
“She officially became our daughter Dec. 20,” Molly said. “That’s the day she became Autumn Rayne Traylor.”
Autumn laughingly said she was 11 years old going on 22. Realistically, she is a fifth-grade student at Moody Middle School. She makes straight A’s.
She was born at UAB Hospital. In her short 10 years of life, she had lived in six different foster homes. She has a half-sister who was adopted by her grandmother, and a brother who still lives in a foster home.
When asked how she liked living with her new mom and dad, Autumn said, “I love it.”
“We had an immediate connection,” Molly said. “When she first came to our house, I think she was scared. But it was like God put her in our home for a reason. She looks like me, and we just have a good time. We went to Disneyworld back in December for her birthday, and had a great time.”
“I’m a daddy’s girl,” Autumn said.
Shane is a teacher and basketball coach at Moody High School. He is 6-foot, 8-inches while his new daughter is exactly two feet shorter.
Molly said Autumn is definitely a gift from God.
Autumn said her middle name (Rayne) means, “Angel kisses from above.”
Shane said it has been a very exciting process.
“We feel very blessed to have her in our lives,” Traylor said. “We went through a time of trying to have our own child. It just didn’t go as we had planned, so we decided to go to the state and try out fostering for a while. We were lucky enough to foster Autumn, and we went through the time it took to adopt her. We went through the courts to adopt her, and she has been a blessing to us. It is so ironic that she looks so much like Molly. We fell in love with her quick, and in return, she fell in love with us. It was a great match after all.”

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