Our view: Governments, citizens must unite, move forward to achieve progress
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In the ideal America, every democratically held election would take place with strongly held opinions, but end with a handshake and a promise to work together once it is concluded.
This America is far from ideal, however. Each side of every election — on the city, county, state and national level — has its vehement opinions, and they are, for the most part, immovable. It is admirable during an election to see such passionate people advocating for their candidate or their cause.
What is less than admirable, however, is to see that passion turn into bitterness following the election. A society which chooses its leaders democratically is counting on those leaders to put aside their differences and do their best to lead.
By the time this newspaper appears, virtually all of the elections that have fatigued us for much of this year will be concluded (only the special election for Alabama House District 30 remains, and it will take place in December). In some cities there are new mayors and council members, some elected by only the narrowest of margins.
For some, that means political rivalries that have not yet faded away. Maybe some of those rivals are serving together, on a council or commission or in the Legislature.
Our editorial staff wishes to pass along a message, however, on behalf of the people these officials represent.
Get over it. Come together. Do your job.
St. Clair County did not reach its current station by refusing to do so; in fact, this county has been a model for much of the last eight years precisely because of its propensity to come together, instead of pulling apart. If anything worthwhile is to be accomplished in the next four years, that same esprit de corps must continue.
The Times looks forward to the next four years as a servant of its readers and the citizens of St. Clair County. We intend to hold our officials accountable for doing the same.

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