County programs participate in pep rally at Head Start
by Gary Hanner
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pep rally
St. Clair County Head Start Executive Director Latoya Orr welcomes everyone to the special pep rally.
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Students at St. Clair County Head Start were treated to something they might have never been around last week.
A huge countywide pep rally was held in the lunchroom as coaches, players, cheerleaders and band members from throughout St. Clair County were on hand.
Pell City’s pep band set up on stage and played various selections. When they played the Fight Song, football players from Ashville, Pell City, Ragland and Springville walked in, along with a couple of cheerleaders from Ragland.
Latoya Orr, executive director at St. Clair County Head Start, said the pep rally was an awesome experience for their children.
“We wanted to provide an opportunity where we could represent all of the high schools throughout the county,” Orr said. “We also had representatives from Lincoln High and Talladega County Central because a few of our staff members are from there. Many of our children do not get the opportunity to go to football games. Many of the parents can’t afford for their children to play little league ball or be a cheerleader, or be exposed to music. We were pleased to welcome all of our guests today. We appreciate them giving our students this valuable opportunity.”
Ashville head coach Mark O’Bryant said this is great for the community, as well as the kids.
“It’s just a fantastic opportunity,” O’Bryant said. “We’re trying to create a little excitement and joy in their hearts. Little kids are special to me, so anything we can do to help their day, I’m all for it.”
Pell City head coach David Shores said it is an excellent opportunity for his players to learn service in the community.
“We talk a lot about the little ones, and how they look up to these players,” Shores said. “They watch them all the time, and this is a great example of that. We want to exemplify excellence on and off the field and in the classroom. We want to be good examples in the community and county. We are excited about being here.”
Ragland coach Jonathan Nix said he, his players, and cheerleaders are also excited about being at the pep rally.
“I’m excited for our kids to set an example for these little kids and being a good role model,” Nix said. “These kids look up to them, and hopefully one day will want to be a football player, a cheerleader or be in the band.”
Springville assistant coach Brian Vandevander said they teach their guys that someone is always watching, and it is usually someone younger.
“This is just a good example of them to be part of the community,” Vandevander said  “It is a chance to give these kids a role model who may not have a role model at home. Maybe they can follow one of these players and go to their local high school and watch them play.”
Several of the football players talked to the small students and encouraged them to do well in school, mind their teachers, and eat their vegetables.

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