Letter: Sign in Valley a symbol of work done for citizens
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CW2 Brad Carpenter was a selfless volunteer who poured sweat and emotion into helping a community that had been devastated.

He knew what he wanted to do — he saw what was happening with neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers, and so he wanted to honor the unity and community spirit of the Shoal Creek Valley residents. He returned to Ft. Rucker and with his students created a new motto for their company mascot, and transformed it into an awesome sign.

That unique and inspirational sign now stands at the crossroads where the Incident Command Center stood last April – it represents what a community can do when it stands united and strong in the face of adversity.

A small faction of misguided residents cannot see any inspiration or purpose in the sign; in fact, they want it removed, calling it ugly and having no purpose.

My prayer for citizens is that they look past this “ugly” little sign and see the beautiful story and the encouragement it was meant to convey, to help you find hope and strength to “stand through the storm” of your grief and pain.

I pray we never face a day like April 27, 2011, ever again.

Linda White, Shoal Creek Valley Community

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