DNA testing shows blood was from victim
by David Atchison
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Authorities say DNA testing of blood found on a man convicted of murdered 20 years ago did belong to the victim after all.

St. Clair County District Attorney Richard Minor said the DNA testing on behalf of convicted murderer Larry Roy determined blood stains found on Roy’s elbow shortly after the murder of David Wayne Brown and the attempted murder of Barbara Street belonged to the murdered victim. The DNA testing was performed at the request of The Innocence Project, Inc.

“Testing also included Ms. Street as a potential contributor to the blood stains,” Minor said.

Minor said Roy was tried and convicted twice for the 1990 capital murder of David Wayne Brown, of Moody.

He said the first trial in 1991 resulted in a death sentence, but after a retrial in 1997, Roy was sentenced to serve life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Minor said last year attorneys for The Innocence Project, Inc., based out of New York City, filed a “motion for Post-Conviction Forensic DNA Testing,” requesting that some of the physical evidence collected in 1990 be tested or retested.

Minor said attorneys for The Innocence Project claimed that DNA testing was relatively new in 1991 and that new testing would exonerate Roy of the 1990 murder of Brown.

He said in April, St. Clair County Circuit Court Judge Jim Hill ordered the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences to perform new DNA testing on the blood stains taken from Roy’s elbow shortly after the murder. The findings were reported to the court last month.

“This just proves that DNA testing is a valuable and reliable tool utilized by law enforcement,” said St. Clair County Assistant District Attorney Carol Boone, who represented the state during the post-conviction proceeding. “You seldom hear in the media of instances where new DNA testing of evidence from old cases proves a convicted person’s guilt. It is comforting to know that in this case the jury got it right, twice.”

According to evidence presented at both murder trials, Roy entered the victim’s residence during the middle of the night and attacked both Brown and Street with a knife or other sharp object.

Minor said Street managed to get away and hide, but Brown died from multiple stab wounds. Because it was dark, Street could not positively identify her attacker.

Minor said Street had been involved in a relationship with Roy prior to the murder.

He said when Roy was questioned shortly after the murder and attempted murder, authorities observed what they believed were blood stains on his person and vehicle.

Minor said those stains were tested and were found to be consistent with the DNA of the victims.

He said the original investigation was conducted by the Moody Police Department and the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences.

Roy, now 61, is serving his life sentence at Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore.

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