Of special note: 'We're going to be just fine' in 2011
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It’s good to see the mayors of towns across St. Clair County expressing optimism about the coming year. Even though they couched their outlook in caution, almost to a man they see improvements ahead.

“We’re cautiously optimistic that 2011 is going to be the year the economy rebounds,” said Springville Mayor William Isley. Isley’s comment encompassed only Springville, but he might have been speaking for the county as a whole.

While the towns along Interstate 20 have a better shot at new development, mayors in towns farther from the I-20 corridor are keeping their chins, and their hopes, high.

In Moody, Mayor Joe Lee reported new home construction, two new restaurants and a possible chain grocery. Ashville Mayor Robert McKay is eagerly anticipating the end of courthouse renovations. Ragland Mayor Lanis White is looking to attract a new drug store. Margaret Mayor Jeff Wilson said his town is extending its water lines in anticipation of a housing boom. Steele Mayor John McHugh is thankful for a new convenience store that has offset revenue losses.

The important point about their optimism is that none of the mayors is sitting back and waiting for the improvements to come. They all are actively seeking out ways to bring prosperity back to their towns.

That’s what justifies the sentiment McHugh expressed that sums up the expectation for 2011: “We are going to be just fine.”

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