Our view: Gifted education conversation a healthy one
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Among the many complex issues local officials face, it is hard to imagine one that could be more complex than educating our students. Each student has an individual need, and it should be the goal of teachers, administrators and board members to serve that need to the fullest extent possible.
Which is why, even though it is far from perfect, the current conversation regarding gifted education is a healthy one. The county’s students who classify as “gifted” have educational needs that will simply not be properly served in a traditional classroom, and the local Board of Education’s efforts toward meeting that need are a step in the right direction.
It is equally healthy for the parents of those students to bring their questions to the board. The system, while it may be the best we can muster today, is far from perfect; each time a parent raises a valid point to the board and offers a suggestion, and the board receives the criticism, the system takes another step in the right direction.
Our highest interest should be to serve the needs of our school children, whatever they might be. Let us hope this program is a step toward meeting this need in the future.

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