Our view: Anniversary of tornado a time to reflect and be thankful
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For many people in St. Clair County, April 27, 2011 marks a demarcation in history — there was life before the tornado, and life afterwards.

This weekend people around the county and the state will observe the anniversary of that day. Events are planned to celebrate in Shoal Creek Valley; the city of Moody is asking for a moment of silence at 10 a.m. Friday; even the newspaper you are reading is in on the act, with our special “Reflections” edition, which is inserted in this week’s paper.

None of us will ever forget the terrible events of that day, the day a deadly series of storms swept through the county, killed 15 people, injured many others and destroyed property, in many cases beyond repair.

It’s not something we should forget. When we need to be reminded about the importance of being vigilant in severe weather, or about the necessity to take shelter during a storm, we should not forget.

We should also not forget what happened after, when the county sprang into action. Locals mobilized like never before, donating money, blood, supplies and time – whatever and wherever the necessity lay, people from our county were there to help.

What’s more, help poured in from all over the world. None of us should forget Benny Barnes, the lad from Louisiana who raised money for Shoal Creek Valley by selling Kool-Aid. No one should forget Mike Nimmo, who came from New Jersey with a truckload of supplies to aid his friend, Frankie Carpenetti, and the rest of the valley.

No one should forget the good-hearted folks from state and federal agencies who came and located in the county for weeks after the storms, willing to meet people where they were to help them apply for aid. The process wasn’t always easy, but everyone’s heart was in the right place.

No, we will never forget the terrible events of April 27, 2011, at home or anywhere across central Alabama. The good news, however, is that the story did not end there.

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