Letter: Second Amendment still vital to nation's freedom
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To the Editor:
In response to Kim Freeman’s letter of Jan. 10, (“Price’s letter inflammatory, incorrect”) Kim is correct — I got my facts wrong about the attack in China. For that I apologize. 
However, what I did not get wrong is the fact that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives us our right to keep and bear arms, and is the law regardless of what your personal feelings about it might be. 
It still stands, and if the anti-gun crowd who tend to go along with the most recent “feel good” flavor of the day want it changed, they need to get a Constitution Convention convened and have the Second Amendment taken out. However, if you do, don’t be surprised over what other individual rights and freedoms might be taken out as well.
As for Kim’s comment that China’s no-gun law is working, not to worry. Considering the trillions of dollars the U.S. owes China, when we default on that debt they will expect to be paid. Who knows? They might come and demand America as payment for it. You will find the Second Amendment very appealing at that time, and find out why the founding fathers put it in our constitution.
In 1776 General Washington didn’t defeat the British with the 1st Amendment. He shot them with personal firearms owned by the colonists. 
Billy E. Price, Ashville

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