Letter: Medical marijuana a problematic issue
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The St. Clair Times recently ran an ad that implored the people of St. Clair County to ask our state representative, Jim McClendon, about his stand on medical marijuana. 
I took some suggestions from the ad and called Dr. McClendon. I have found him to be very approachable and responsive when questioned about other issues, so the request in the ad was not difficult to follow.
It is my view that the medical marijuana issue opens up a number of issues that are very problematic from a public safety perspective.
Simply put, do you think I-20 would be safe to drive if a number of the heavy truck drivers had used marijuana in the last 24 hours? Would you want to fly on a plane that was being flown by a pilot who had used medical marijuana the night before?
Thanks for running the ad; it exposed an issued that needs to be addressed. 
— Ed Tyler, Pell City

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