Letter: Let Alabamians vote on issue of medical marijuana
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How proud it makes me to see a newspaper, especially in St. Clair County, allow an ad from the Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition to run. 
In these mega-media times with Fox and CNN, who are completely biased, it is refreshing to see an unbiased paper. 
I am an advocate for the use of marijuana, both medical and recreational. 
I could sit here and tell you 1,000 reasons I believe marijuana isn’t as bad as we’ve been taught, but I’m not going to, it will get us nowhere. 
If you ask 1,000 Alabamians how they feel about it, you will get 1,000 different responses. 
Here is the issue: Alabamians have never been given an opportunity to vote on it. 
A myriad of issues would have to be dealt with if medical marijuana was passed in Alabama. 
As of right now those issues are all speculative. 
The last time I checked, we still live in a democracy where we are allowed to vote on the issues, not let one representative decide for us. 
I say put it to a vote.
I encourage all Alabamians to watch two documentaries, both free on YouTube. 
The first is “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High” which focuses on marijuana exclusively. The second is “Breaking the Taboo” which focuses on the failed War on Drugs as a whole. 
Let Alabamians decide for themselves, put it to a vote.
— Respectfully, Roddy Barrett, Odenville

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